Transportation Research Unit (Trum)

Welcome to TRUM's web pages, where we hope to provide you with information on research in such fields as transport, communication and environment. TRUM's studies into transport and travel focus mainly on smaller-size units such as individuals, households and companies.

Social science, and behavioural/cognitive science pertaining to passenger transport

TRUM was founded in 1981 on a pattern existing at foreign universities, with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary research in the field of transport. Its researchers are employed by, and partly work within, one or other of the university departments involved. This ensures solid connections with ongoing basic research and also creates conditions for the recruitment of postgraduate students. Our studies concentrate on aspects of social science, and behavioural/cognitive science pertaining to passenger transport.

TRUM has contacts with individuals and groups engaged in research both in Sweden and abroad, most closely with researchers in the departments represented at TRUM.

Trum organization

The Management Board and the researchers TRUM is directed by a management board presided over by Professor Ulf Wiberg (Social and Economic Geography).  Other members are Associate Professor Annika Nordlund (Institution of Psychology), Univ.Lector Johan Jansson (Umeå Business School), Professor Lars Westin (CERUM & Political Economics), Professor Kerstin Westin, (Social and Economic Geography), Project Administrator Fredrik Gärling (representing TRUM's employees). 

Annika Nordlund is TRUM's supervisor and director of research.  Fredrik Gärling deal with administrative matters, and Erik Bäckström assists as computer consultant. 

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